Things to Pack in a Baby Travel Bag

Things to Pack in a Baby Travel Bag

Things to Pack in a Baby Travel Bag

Traveling with your baby can be intimidating despite the number of times you have gone on vacation with them. It’s stressing to decide on the things to pack and how to get to your destination. Here are important things to carry in the baby bag when traveling.


Most airports allow mothers to pass through the check point with baby milk and food. However, the quantity in the containers should not exceed 100ml. The security screens these containers without contaminating the content inside them. Checking in with the airport you are traveling with is important because airports have different rules when it comes to the foods you are allowed to carry.

Pain Killers

It’s normal for babies to get fever when traveling for a long journey with their mothers. What’s more, their tender age makes them vulnerable to allergies. Therefore, ensure that you have Tylenol and saline in your baby bag. This will enable you to ensure comfort of your baby when traveling.


Ensure that you pack a pair of shoes that are comfortable for your baby. This will enable you to allow your little angel to enjoy and feel free to explore new environment when you travel.


Conduct some research on the weather conditions of your destination. This will enable you to pack clothes that will keep your baby comfortable during the trip. If it’s during winter, carry warm clothes that protect your child from getting flu. Packing the right baby clothes will enable you to enjoy your vacation and avoid worries of looking for a pediatrician if the baby catches cold. When traveling during summer, pack light clothes to enable you baby to explore freely.

Travel Insurance Documents

Kids are funny because they can be happy at one moment and start to spew out of fever after few hours. Therefore, carry travel insurance documents to help you out in case of trip cancellation or interruption. In case of serious illness, travel insurance documents will enable you to get the trip cost refunded.

Baby Passport

Getting your babies official documents is very important despite the means of transport that you intend to use. As such, start the process of acquiring your kid’s passport early since both parents must avail themselves. But, if one parent is not available, you may need a court order or special parental consent.    

Pack these items to make a trip your baby comfortable, safe and successful.

Things to Pack when Going on a Day Long Trip

Things to Pack when Going on a Day Long Trip

Things to Pack when Going on a Day Long Trip

Talking to a pal of mine Justin V., of On The Rocks Pub & Events he shared some good travel tips when going on a day long trip, you may not know what to carry. That’s because you don’t want to be stranded out there without basic essentials. You also don’t want to carry items that you may not use by the end of the day. To avoid this, pack the following items when going on a day long trip.


No matter where you are going, it’s important that you carry clean water. You don’t know whether you will get fresh clean drinking water at your destination. Therefore, carry water with you even when going on a day long trip. This will enable you to stay hydrated even if you go to a place with a hot weather.


You are not sure whether you will come across a hotel with the kind of food that you like. Therefore, pack some snacks to eat as you look for a nice restaurant. Pack a bar of chocolate and some fruits.


You don’t want to be burned on the trip. The pain that can arise from burning can be unbearable and it may end up ruining your experience. To make your travel experience better, carry and keep sunscreen on you.


Sunglasses will give you the feeling of chilling somewhere on a tropical beach. Life will feel more fun and the travel experience will be amazing.

Phone and Extra battery

You need a phone to keep in touch with loved ones. If something unexpected happens, your phone is the only gadget that you can use to keep in touch. Make sure that you have a power bank or extra battery just in case the only battery of your phone dies.


A nice camera provides a better way to preserve memories of your trip. Therefore, carry one if you have it to make your travel experience better and to take photos for your destination with ease.

Travel Documents

Carry your passport and ID to avoid trouble with authorities. Make copies of these documents just in case you lose them.

Pack these things to make your day long trip smooth and enjoyable.